• Do not expose eyebrows to water or any products for ideally two days post procedure.

• Use mild soap to cleanse area for the first 7-10 days reapplying Aquaphor after cleansing & a light layer before showering.

• Avoid strenuous exercise for 3 days after procedure, after three days apply a thin layer of Aquaphor before working out.

• DO NOT touch, rub, pick or scratch the treated area. Hands may contain bacteria and create an infection. Use clean cotton-swab to apply Aquaphor to eyebrows 5 times daily for the first 7-10 days. Picking can cause scarring.

• Avoid contact with animals, gardening, sun, sauna, Jacuzzi, chlorine pools, ocean & steam room. Wear a hat to shield area for at least the first 7-10 days.

• ALWAYS use TOTAL SUN BLOCK on area during healing process to reserve color pigmentation.

• For the first 2 days after the procedure apply a thin layer of Vaseline to the area before working out.